The Estate Agents Code of Conduct

David Adshade

As a buyer or seller of immovable property in South Africa, you have the right to know the regulations governing conduct of the estate agent you employ to market your home or sell you one. Please not that if you have any queries or would like to know if your agent is fully qualified and acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct you can contact the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB).

The EAAB routinely receives numerous queries, both written and oral, from estate agents and stakeholders alike covering virtually the entire gamut of its regulatory functions and activities on a daily basis.  These inquiries essentially cover such diverse functional areas as the registration of estate agents and the issuing, or renewal, of fidelity fund certificates to qualifying applicants; mandatory education and training requirements: statutory compliance; disciplinary matters and the conduct of inspections; claims against the Estate Agents Fidelity Fund; compliance with respect to the auditing of estate agency enterprises and reporting thereon; and finance and administration issues.  It has, thus become increasingly apparent that there is a definite need for the EAAB efficiently to disseminate the required information to all interested parties.

It is anticipated, therefore, that this newly compiled “Frequently Asked Questions Handbook” will serve as an accessible, authoritative and user-friendly guide in providing estate agents and stakeholders with the essential information regarding the EAAB and its regulatory functions that they so often require.  By so doing, the Handbook will not only facilitate full compliance by estate agents with their professional duties and obligations but, in addition, assist stakeholders and consumers in becoming aware of, and duly exercising, their rights.  It is, indeed, hoped that this Handbook will not only readily provide the practical and hand-on direction, information and guidelines that estate agents and stakeholders need, but, also, accommodate the various questions that they frequently seek to have answered.

In the end result the Handbook has a two-pronged thrust.  While it is primarily aimed at supporting, assisting and guiding estate agency practitioners in being aware of, and complying with, their statutory obligations, it is also designed to inform stakeholders and consumers of various services and assistance that the EAAB is able to render to them in their dealings with estate agency practitioners.

Download the FAQ Handbook here or contact the EAAB via the contact details below.

Registered Office: Estate Agency Affairs Board
63 Wierda Road East (Cnr Johan)
Wierda Valley
Johannesburg, 2196

Postal Address: Private Bag X10
Benmore, 2010

Contact Numbers: Tel: 27 11 731 5600
Fax: 27 11 880 9831 General Fax
Fax: 27 11 880 9725 General Fax


General Enquiries:

Contact me:


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